Case Study - Amalgamated Lifts

Amalgamated Lifts

In service industries it is imperative to know where your employees are at all times and to be able to validate their time on customer sites. Live data is key to maximising operating efficiencies and given the nature of Amalgamated Lift's business it is vital for them to be able to monitor staff for Health & Safety compliance.

This case study shows how Amalgamated Lifts are now:

  • Using smartphones instead of in-vehicle telematics, therefore saving on costs 
  • Able to locate the best placed person for a job whether they are in vehicle or on foot
  • Automatically validating time on site, working hours, overtime and business mileage
  • Complying with the law by restricting use of mobile phones whilst driving
  • Job scheduling and more...

As John Brand, Finance Director of Amalgamated Lifts says:

"This system has enabled our company to give our clients the best service, comply with all Health & Safety regulations and ensure that our staff are doing their jobs to the best of their abilities. Due to the nature of our industry we are very concious of Health & Safety and the fact that we have lone workers in unusual situations. This system alerts us when an engineer has been untraceable for a certain amount of time and is able to pinpoint their last position, which has never been available to us previously."

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