What We Do | Our market leading technology protects drivers and their employers by preventing distractions.

Manage your fleet How It Works

Once our app is installed it automatically blocks any calls, notifications, SMS messaging, email and social media notifications and interaction being communicated to the driver while at the same time monitoring speed and location in real time.

Why We Do It

We have pioneered Distraction Prevention and Driver Protection devices since witnessing the increased risk that the emergence of the smartphone has brought to road users. Our aim is to reduce accidents while protecting individuals and businesses.Having been established within the technology industry for a number of years, the founders of ROMEX World, William and Elias Fattal, have always used technology to improve their businesses over the years and to provide their customers with a unique selling point.When founding ROMEX World and working with companies within the mobile workforce sector, they identified that measures for Road Safety and Employee Protection needed to be increased, as road accidents were increasing due to Driver Distraction. This is how they founded the application, Driver Distraction Prevention, in order to prevent illegal usage of the mobile phone whilst behind the wheel and protect the driver. We are proud as a company to use our technology to save lives and accidents on the road, and implement a road safety measure into our solution offering even for our own workforce management.

Why You Need It

Our technology makes sure that you are meeting your Duty of Care responsibilities as an employer that requires or permits their staff who drive for work to use a mobile phone whilst driving. This will protect your business and your employees against legal, compliance and insurance risks.

We Help To Ensure Your Employees Safety While They Drive