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Using Just One Holistic Solution

Romex has developed a single platform Mobile Workforce Management solution that provides a one-stop shop to manage all of your occupational road risk and compliance requirements.

Driver Distraction
Driver Fatigue
Vehicle Check
Mileage Validation
Locating & Scheduling
Lone Working


track the man not just the van

Manage The Unmanageable!


Our Mobile Workforce Management solution enables you to manage the previously unmanageable. As well as simplifying the processes of managing your existing occupational road risk and compliance procedures, our solution also gives you access to a real-time view of your fleet and any issues that maybe occurring within.


manage your fleet
We help you to manage the unmanageable, whilst maximising safety for your drivers behind the wheel. Driver Distraction Prevention is designed for those companies that want to protect their drivers and reduce their fleet risk.
manage your haulage and logistics
Haulage & Logistics
Managers have the ability to locate their staff in real time, on foot or in a vehicle as well as maximising their safety whilst they are driving or lone working. Areas can be geo-fenced that should be avoided or not entered due to safety concerns.
manage your construction workers
Our applications enable managers to gain insights and operational control of their employees whilst on-site or out on the road, as well as maximising their safety with the ability to control mobile phone usage and geo-fence locations.
manage your lone workers
Lone Working
Your employees are your most valuable assets, and if they are lone working their vulnerability is increased.  In the current climate and threat of terror, it is important to know where your people are and not just their vehicles.

mobile workforce management


Mileage Validation

Our Mobile Workforce Management solution offers the most accurate, fair and simple way to manage business mileage claims. Being highly automated, it also minimises the effort involved in capturing, preparing, submitting and auditing claims both for employees and management. Most importantly, it eliminates exaggerated mileage claims, saving the company substantial amounts every month and avoiding fines and penalties from HMRC.




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