Video: Crispin Kenyon of Weightmans LLP Talks Driver Distraction


Crispin Kenyon, Regulatory Lawyer and Partner from Weightmans LLP talks through the management of risk for companies.

It is vital that companies have a system in place to deal with the risks that arise from the potential use of phones whilst employees are out on the road.  Both the company and the employee are potentially at risk.  Any technology developed that can help with the prevention of distraction to drivers is ultimately a good thing.  An anti distraction applications are a good step forward in preventing driver distraction.

Technology that can facilitate this will make monitoring of phone usage a much easier job.  Nowadays after a traffic accident a mobile phone is automatically taken from the driver and examined for activity.  Any work related accidents are open to a Corporate Manslaughter case, anyone injured in an accident with a work vehicle can not only build a case against the driver but also the employer.  For big fleet operators should want to use this technology to protect their drivers and themselves from these situations.

Crispin highlights that risk has been defined by the courts as any situation or thing that any reasonable person needs to take steps to guard against and he feels that disabling a mobile device once a vehicle is in motion is one very good way of limiting or removing risk.

Let's remove the risk!