6 Reasons to Use Mobile Workforce Management

The way we manage our companies is changing. Old methods are proving to be less effective and result in more loss than the new management tools available to us today.

The global market for mobile workforce tools is expected to keep growing. Studies predict we will continue to see the market grow by 13% every year while companies adopt the technology.

But how can these new management tools help your company? This post will tell you how you can benefit.

Keep reading to learn six ways a mobile workforce management tool will help.

1. You Don't Need a Babysitter

Have you ever tried to monitor your mobile workforce? It's hard and can cost too much money to put in place if you try.

A management solution solves this problem by removing distractions from your workforce when they should be focusing on their jobs.

Mobile workforce apps prevent your drivers from engaging in dangerous behaviour while they are on the road. Distractions occur all the time.

You get text messages, calls, and notifications on your phones. When you block everything but vital information, your drivers will keep their eyes on the road.

2. Keep Track of Where Your Workers Are

When you're managing a fleet and don't have an accurate look at where your workforce is, it's hard to know what your fleet utilisation is.

There is a lot to consider when calculating your fleet utilization. Traditional methods require data that can be hard to get without help.

With a solution that can track your fleet, you can be sure that you are maximising your hours to get the most work done.

Your workers will also be less likely to idle on the road when they know that you are monitoring their movement. Idling not only wastes time but consumes more fuel. The more you can keep your drivers moving and driving correctly, the more money you can save with fuel consumption.

3. Get Accurate Time Reports

If you're still using paper time sheets to track your worker's time, then you are missing out. Things get much easier when you move things online and manage everything through your smartphones.

On top of that, you can save your worker's time. Your workers don't need to come to the office to clock in and out anymore. They can pick up and go wherever they are.

Your mobile app will also be able to log employees at work sites when they arrive. This makes sure you get more accurate time reports. Things get misreported on paper and can throw off your numbers.

With all your reports in one place, this makes administration a breeze. You don't have to waste your time compiling your driver's hours anymore. Just pull up a report, and you can see the times for your whole fleet.

4. Keep on Top of Risk

Duty of care, compliance, and insurance risk. You need to be on top of each of these.

When you report your mileage and time on the road, you need to have accurate data. There are several compliance requirements that you need to account for.

Mileage is one of the most overreported business expenditures. The HMRC compliance rules require this information, and they are cracking down on exaggerated mileage claims. It's hard to get accurate reports when 56% of company drivers don't even know these rules exist.

Another set of directives are the HSE Directives. This set of rules provides a framework for safe driving that you are required to follow.

Your workforce management software can help you comply with both of these and help you keep up with any changes that occur in the future.

You also need to keep track of what is required of you from your insurance. An insurance company doesn't want to give policies to companies that allow their drivers to be reckless on the road.

By using a management solution to prevent them from being reckless, you can get better policies. There isn't as much risk when you make sure your drivers are safe.

5. Easier Management of Employees

Is your process for assigning work and managing schedules as efficient as it could be?

If you struggle to get your staff out on the road and where they need to go, a mobile workforce management program can help you manage your team.

Instead of using phone calls, spreadsheets, and other basic methods to hand out assignments, your management software will handle everything in one place.

You can log into your management portal to hand out assignments to everyone. And instead of relying on your staff to accurately keep track of their work, they can log into an app to see where they need to go and what they need to do.

6. Keep Your Staff Safer

You aren't going only to have work to do in safe areas. Sometimes you need to work in high-crime areas. What happens if they have an accident and can't get help?

When your employee has a mobile app, you can see if they are in any areas longer than they need to. When this happens, you can get in touch with your staff member to make sure everything is okay.

Geo-fencing technology is used to track time in dangerous areas. When an employee enters certain areas, you can trigger alerts and actions. These abilities allow accurate monitoring of their time in problem spots.

Take Advantage of Mobile Workforce Management Today

We have more tools than ever that make managing a mobile workforce cost-effective and straightforward. These tools won't just help you save money, but also ensure that your workers are doing the things they need to do.

If you are ready to give a mobile workforce solution a try, send us a message. Our software can help you manage your workforce and provide you with peace of mind.