Employers...The Dangers of Driver Distraction!

Romex World, an innovative technology company specialising in workforce management solutions has released a video highlighting the dangers of driver distraction.  Put together by Inside Consultants, the video demonstrates a number of facts and figures that have come to light in recent press stories.

Having established that using mobile phones whilst driving is the number one risk to employees and the statistics behind this fact are terrifying. Two key messages the video aims to relay are that employees using a mobile phone when driving are 23 times more likely to have an accident and it is 9 times more likely that accident will be fatal. 

Romex have developed a new Driver Distraction Prevention (DDP) application which can be installed on to employees’ telephones. Blue Tooth can be enabled when allowed under company policy and the app will allow emergency calls to be made. However, this DDP application will cut-off and block all voice calls and lock the keypad to prevent any texting (or emailing) when driving.  It delivers voice message should the office need to contact the employee.  

Elias Fattal, MD of Romex said; “As a company we are very keen to make people aware of the dangers driving whilst distracted by your mobile phone and felt that a very easy way of doing this is visually.”

For further information on Driver Distraction Prevention please visit:

Dangers of Driver Distraction