Driver Distraction: Teenager Killed In Car Crash Was On Mobile Phone!

Driver Distraction

The USA seems to be taking the lead in educating their young drivers in road safety.  Young drivers are now required to stay on a learner licence for at least six months – which in turn has been found by the University of Michigan to reduce the number of fatal crashes.

The Govenors Highway Safety Association is now recommending that there should be more speed cameras and stronger night time restrictions which will reduce speed related crashes in their teenage population.

Here in the UK there are now companies offering the black box solution that monitors a young drivers behaviour for a year and then reduces their insurance premiums. IKube is a prime example who have helped over 15,000 young drivers get on the road.

The Independent covered it in April

I think it would be easier to just stop them using their phones altogether which would certainly reduce one element of danger whilst behind the wheel.

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