Wake up to the danger of using your mobile phone whilst driving!

Texting at the wheel killsIn the week that we launch our Driver Distraction Prevention software – a module that will prevent drivers from using their phones whilst at the wheel, we are now seeing an increase in awareness across the media.

The Daily Mail ran an interesting article last week stating that ministers are warning of a crackdown on texting while driving by introducing a £90 fine.

It is high time the Government started to take this issue seriously with recent statistics from the USA showing that there are now more than 3,000 teens are killed every year in car crashes caused by texting.

Drink driving kills over 2,700 every year and used to be the biggest cause of teen deaths in America – now texting whilst driving has overtaken this figure.

Just by searching one newspaper for texting whilst driving there are endless stories of people who have lost their lives for using their phones when behind the wheel.

These facts and figures have been a major driver in the development of our Driver Distraction Prevention module which we would like to see as standard on every mobile phone. Imagine the reduction in injuries and fatalities if everyone had it on their phone! It will be interesting to see how long it takes for these fines to actually increase and tougher enforcement to be implemented. We shall be watching closely.

Driver Distraction: The Facts