Mobile Workforce Management App Versus In Vehicle Telematics

What is the best way to manage your mobile workforce?


There are an estimated 14 million grey fleet drivers in the UK.  Because of the current costs of in-vehicle black box installation and employees not wishing to have this equipment installed into their own vehicles – there is now a large segment of the market that does not benefit from this technology.

Employers therefore are not able to monitor all of their employees whilst they are out of the office.  There are some important key benefits from having mobile workforce solutions and also cost savings to be had.

An efficient business needs to be able to find and locate their mobile team at any time.  Mobille apps will enable staff to do their jobs most effectively by allocating jobs to the best individual, directing those nearest to a new job will save fuel and time costs.  An average 24.7% can be saved on fuel costs by using mobile apps. These systems will enable a worker to demonstrate completion of work required including time and location stamps. By being able to demonstrate and validate high service levels, customers will be more inclined to pay for faster. 13% of small businesses have unpaid invoices each year.

Many of the mobile workforce are lone workers. In a Lone worker situation, this system will protect an employee by monitoring where they are and when. There are a number of different scenarios that are covered by a mobile solution.  So if an employee has an accident and is unable to make a call, the office will be able to locate that employee from their mobile phone location. A mobile workforce manager needs to monitor an employee when they are working in a potentially hazardous situation to ensure they have exited in the expected time frame. If an employee is working alone out of hours and has an accident, they need to be able to call for assistance.  A mobile workforce management app has a panic button facility produces all the current and historic information required to deal with a potentially dangerous situation for anyone working alone. Via the phone an individual can log their location before entering a building and set an alert for a specific time, if it is not cleared within the set time it will send a reminder and then alert Head Office.  There were no less than 6252 injuries caused by violent attaches when people were at work last year.

So whilst it was possible to track vehicles in the past there was never any guarantee that an employee was travelling in that vehicle. Monitoring staff on foot was impossible without a large draconian device.  So the best solution is to utilise the device that every employee carries anyway. The smartphone app makes it easier to monitor workers, save time and reduce fuel costs.


Managing your mobile workforce