Mobile Devices As Profit Generators

Mobile Devices as Profit Generators Issues

  • “Evidence shows that organisations typically pay out 24.7% more in fuel and mileage expenses than they need to” (The Miles Consultancy)
  • “93% of the companies that we’ve looked at rely on unaudited mileage reports and are therefore at risk being caught by a tax investigation” (The Miles Consultancy)
  • If an employee on the National Average Wage (£27,200 in 2011) who is paid overtime at Time and a Half exaggerates their weekly overtime claim by just one hour a week, this costs their employer nearly £1200 per annum

According to industry experts including The Miles Consultancy, Fleet Innovations and Web Expenses, employees routinely exaggerate their business mileage claims by either ‘rounding up’ the mileage on journeys they have made or adding in ‘phantom’ journeys they have not made.

Many managers are responsible for checking the accuracy of timesheets and approving them before they are sent to the payroll department. This can be a difficult and time consuming task.

It is important to record time spent at defined locations, sites and zones for compliance and service level agreements. It is difficult to monitor the arrival and departure times of employees at chosen addresses and a company needs to be able to analyse key performance indicators between different employees.

HMRC Compliance: The Facts


By implementing the Romex Mobile Employee Management System, clients will be able to:

  • Monitor and record every business journey
  • Produce exception reports around speeding
  • Accurately and automatically records business miles
  • Generates and sends business mileage reports
  • Store business mileage data indefinitely
  • Employee management ensuring timesheet, overtime and invoice validation


  • Cost save with a reduction in inaccurate business miles, overtime, administration costs and speed related fuel savings
  • Reduced the risk of HMRC fines associated with inaccurate business mileage claims
  • Improve employee management – timesheet, overtime, invoice validation as well as monitoring movement via vehicle either driven, public transport or on foot
  • Increased company efficiency / productivity
  • Duty of Care and Compliance in accordance with HSE Directives – reducing risk of fines
  • Guaranteed service levels and accountability to clients, ensuring customer loyalty