Lone Worker Protection Module

Driver Distraction: The Facts
  • Sends alert, automatically makes a voice call and updates location every 15 seconds (GPS and LBS)
  • Alerts can be “Self-Managed” or outsourced to a dedicated Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) for 24/7 x 365 response
  • Meets requirements of HSE guidelines for Lone Workers (INDG73rev2)
  • ‘Raise alert through action’ (Red Alert) by pressing specified key twice
  • ‘Raise alert through inaction (Yellow Alert) by setting time on device – becomes alert if not cancelled
  • ‘Ability to determine whether employee gets back to office or home safely’

Driver Distraction Module

  • Automatically locks keyboard on mobile device after the start of a Business journey
  • Prevents texting or e-mailing whilst driving on business
  • Cuts off and blocks all voice calls – inbound and outbound
  • Mobile device returns to normal after the Business journey ends
  • Does not apply to Private or Passenger journeys

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