Employee Overtime Overstatement Reduction

HMRC Compliance: The Facts


  • If an employee on the National Average Wage (£27,200 in 2011) who is paid overtime at Time and a Half exaggerates their weekly overtime claim by just one hour a week, this costs their employer nearly £1200 per annum
  • Managing jobs employees perform can be costly and inefficient
  • Bringing employees in to the depot or branch to collect their daily paperwork and then return it (e.g. work sheets or delivery schedules), involves time and effort - as does the processing of the paperwork after that
  • Most companies have no way of knowing where their employees are at any time and whether they have done what they were asked to do when they were supposed to do it


Romex Job Despatch provides companies with a simple and effective way to send job details out to employees and get information back from them on their GPS enabled mobile devices.

The solution is based on SELF defined Job Types which allow companies to define for themselves what jobs people do and what they want to record and report. This means the Romex job management solution can be very easily adaptable to any industry type or sector with bespoke software development. Job Despatch uses GPS information to automatically monitor and verify what employees are doing minute-by-minute giving companies real time visibility of where they are, what they are doing as well and where the jobs are located. Combined with the ability to cancel, amend or add new jobs at the touch of a button, companies can make more effective and efficient job decisions.


  • Cost saving with a reduction in overtime and administration costs
  • Improve employee management – timesheet, overtime, invoice validation as well as monitoring movement via vehicle either driven, public transport or on foot
  • The ability to validate service levels
  • Ensuring accountability to clients
  • Increased company efficiency/productivity