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Driver Distraction: The Facts


Almost every company with more than 6 employees will have published a Work Related Road Safety policy required under Health and Safety legislation. This policy will normally address the use of mobile phones whilst driving on business, and typically states that employees should either:

  • Turn their mobile phone off when driving (as RoSPA recommends)
  • Or only make and receive calls via hands free

What is clear however is that employees are not adhering to policy. According to the Department Of Transport in the UK, 3% of car drivers and 5% of van and lorry drivers use their mobile phones (either hands free or not) at any given time during the day on week days. With lower percentages in the evenings and at weekends, this is clearly business use.


The Romex solution will cut off and block voice calls and messages after the start of a business journey. Their driver distraction prevention module locks the keypad to prevent any texting or emailing. Employees will receive an announcement via their phone if there is missed message requiring them to stop in a safe place and take the message.


  • Reduce accidents related to the use of mobile phones whilst driving
  • Improve legislative compliance relating to Road Related Road Safety (INDG 382)
  • Improve employee safety whilst driving at work
  • Duty Of Care compliance for employees who drive on business (INDG 382) and for Lone Workers (INDG 73)


Driving with a Mobile Phone