Health and Safety Compliance


Health & Safety Compliance Customers are demanding more for less in this economic climate, they expect:

  • “It has been estimated that up to a third of all road traffic accidents involve somebody who is at work at the time. This may account for 20 fatalities and 250 serious injuries every week”. (Health and Safety Executive publication “Driving At Work” INDG382)
  • According to the Department Of Transport in the UK, 3% of car drivers and 5% of van and lorry drivers use their mobile phones (either hands free or not) at any given time during the day on week days. With lower percentages in the evenings and at weekends, this is clearly business use
  • The Corporate Manslaughter Act means employers can be prosecuted if there is a death of an employee which could have been prevented by proper and sensible procedures
  • There are between 3-3.5 million Lone workers in the UK
  • A Lone Worker is defined as a person working on their own without close or direct supervision
  • The Corporate Manslaughter Act makes it easier to prosecute employers if there is a death of an employee which could have been prevented by proper and sensible procedures
  • Research shows that over 150 Lone Workers are attacked every working day
HMRC Compliance: The Facts


By implementing the Romex Mobile Employee Management System, you will be able to:

  • Monitor and record speeding events on every business journey
  • Produce exception reports around speeding
  • Analyse and manage driver fatigue by recording length of journeys without a break and hours worked before a journey
  • Provides a driver distraction module that will disable employees mobile phones whilst driving
  • Allows you to monitor phone usage during business journeys
  • Provides two tier Lone Worker alarm facility:
  • Red Alerts will send instant message either to designated company personnel or to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), should an employee run into trouble
  • Yellow Alerts will allow the employee to specify an expected time in a potentially hazardous situation, which will trigger an alarm if not deactivated
  • Accurately and automatically records business miles
  • Generates and sends business mileage reports
  • Store business mileage data indefinitely


  • Duty of Care and Compliance in accordance with HSE Directives
  • Lone worker protection in accordance with HSE INDG73
  • Improved employee safety and fewer accidents
  • Reduced risk to the organization and legislative compliance
  • Pinpoint accuracy using GPS and voice call to monitor events remotely
  • Increased company efficiency/productivity
  • Guaranteed service levels and accountability to clients
  • Employee management – timesheet, overtime and invoice validation as well as monitoring movement via vehicle either driven, public transport or on foot
  • Cost savings with reduction in administration costs and speed related fuel savings