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Romex is a subsidiary of the privately owned Citylink Group Limited. The Group has been successfully developing and implementing service-based solutions for over 30 years- Romexworld ltd is the latest innovation to come out of the established Group and the evolution from vehicle tracking solutions to manage employees in working hours to delivering a range of employee management and protection solutions which can be simply downloaded onto existing mobile devices.

Citylink's products began through unique experience gained through internal service operations. This experience led to the design of this leading-edge technical innovation to encompass end-to-end mobile data solutions across Transport, Field Service, Waste Management and the Public Sector.

Romex today delivers end-to-end employee tracking solutions delivered via a PDA, Smartphone or Tablet. Romex offers operators of vehicle fleets, and a mobile workforce the vision and reality of improving their financial performance through the better management of assets. At the same time, it also offers the opportunity for organisations to enhance employee working conditions and enhance safety and security, with improved environmental performance.

At Romex we are committed to providing excellence in mobile employee management solutions that will contribute positively to your bottom line. We are committed to continually develop new products and applications to help you to adapt to the ever changing demands placed on modern business. With a key focus on helping customers to embrace convergence of existing in-house technology and focus on streamlining costs to remain ahead of the competition.

Key Product Features include:

  • Google Maps views displaying real-time, precise location of your mobile workforce
  • Panic button facility with 24/7 monitoring for Lone worker protection
  • Automated Privacy for employees outside of working hours
  • Identify nearest resource to customer locations
  • Alert on arrival and departure at customer sites including Polygon sites and London congestion charging zone
  • Monitor speeding by individual road limits and comply with Work Related Road safety legislation
  • Easy-to-use one-click reporting for manager or dispatcher
  • Works with most GPS Smartphone’s with Android, Blackberry, Windows or Symbian operating software
  • No hardware cost, no installation costs, no maintenance completely subscription based
  • Automatically generates on-site expenses, time sheet and mileage reports
  • Easy-to-use and set-up - no training required

It's easy to get started

1. DOWNLOAD - Unique MyFix software is auto-installed on your team's phones.

2. GET GOING - When on the move, Smartphone's continually send location data over the 3G and GPRS networks.

3. ROMEX ADVANTAGE - Your team's locations and destinations will be visible on your TeamFix, web-enabled, interface. Wherever you are, access TeamFix over the internet.


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